How Abortion Bans Affect Women Who Want Their Pregnancies

Abortions are sometimes needed for women who want their pregnancies.

There are tragic cases of women who come to find that they are carrying a baby with defects that are incompatible with life. The baby’s heart is still beating, but there is no hope of long-term survival. In her book Poor Your Soul, Mira Ptacin writes about her experience with this upon finding out of her daughter’s severe defects: “Their facts were incessant. Words I couldn’t pronounce. Holoprosencephaly. Images I cannot forget. Clubbed feet. Deformed spine. Collapsed skull. Broken heart.”

Abortion bans may mean doctors are not trained in procedures needed for pregnancy losses.

According to a new study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology, residents who were in programs without training in providing abortions felt less prepared to offer care to people experiencing pregnancy loss.



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